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Vehiclean - Customer Testimonials

What our customers say about VEHICLEAN

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Miss Hazel  "I was very pleased with the service, my car has been bought back to life. Will use the VEHICLEAN service again and would highly recommend to my friends and family".


Mr Cocker  "I have a wash dry and hoover and a wax on my Citroen Picasso. I was going to sell it as it was looking dated, but VEHICLEAN did a very good job that I have decided to keep it . I was very shocked and surprised with the result of the HD wax".


Mr Yates   "I had a full Valet on my 4 year old Chrysler Grand Voyager as I was selling due to getting a new Chrysler. I got 1400 more than the book price due to the high quality of the full valet. I wish VEHICLEAN and it's staff well for the future and will use there valet service on a regular basis".


Mrs Davis  "I use VEHICLEAN at my workplace. We have the workplace special & I am very pleased of the work that goes into getting my car cleaned. I always thought I could not afford to use a mobile valeting service, but I was mistaken. It is cheaper than what I thought. I was spending 7.50 a week to get my car washed at the local car wash (which was not the best) then I would hoover it out once a month (which I hated doing). Now I get my car cleaned by Vehiclean once a fortnight inside and out, for the same price as I was paying for just having it washed at the local car wash, but a 100% better service and get more for my money".


Jerry Brennan  "I bought a Mercedes S class 280 during August this year which had been previously owned by a lady who averaged 7,200 miles a year. The car is ten years old but has been meticulously maintained and looked after.

The paintwork however I felt needed a good wax and glazing etc. Vehiclean carried out this having viewed the car in advance to enable various recommendations to be suggested.

They spent nearly 8 hours on the car and the results were quite staggering, as far as I am concerned the car was completely transformed and looks totally different and brand new. Many neighbours have commented on the car after the work had been done; having owned prestige cars before nothing can compare to the unbelievable transformation that Vehiclean carried out".








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